Tuesday, 21 May 2013


               You would have never come across  such a character like my wife. She is mad after free gifts that she is will to buy anything --whether useful or not --if they announce free gifts with that product. Recently  a noodles company had announced a diamond ring as  a free gift in the lucky draw for the customers who had bought the noodles packets.  The coupons were kept inside  the noodles packets .  The customers had to fill in the asked details and drop them in drop boxes arranged at different stores in the city.   At first when we came know about the scheme we did not  give it much importance till we noticed that our everyday breakfast started becoming noodles. In the beginning children enjoyed the tiff in but after three days they started finding it boring. My kids who came eagerly to the breakfast table for the first two days started skipping it in a week. My wife was no less for she tried different varieties with noodles.
                     Slowly I too lost interest in the breakfast  and started staying away from it. But my wife was stubborn with the buying of noodles packet.  She wanted to win the diamond ring at any cost She bought so many packets and started preparing it for lunch also.  Moreover she would remove the coupon from the packets and donate the packets to neighbors. They were so scared of her that they started hiding from her.  Our kitchen suddenly seemed to be filled with noodles that entering the kitchen itself gave a nausea tic feeling   Then slowly the D-Day-- draw day had arrived.
                    As expected the price had gone to someone else . Though I was sad that my wife  did not win a price, I was honestly happy that the scheme was over and we were relieved from the noodles grip. In the evening , as I was about to lift the spirits of my wife from her defeat,  she showed me message in her mobile.  It read that though she didnot bag the diamond ring , she was selected as the privileged customer and offered a voucher on which she could take as many noodles as free for three months from their registered stores.!!  Moreover their company was announcing another scheme where in a diamond necklace was to be given free for a lucky draw person who purchased their pickle bottles.!!!BUMPER OFFER   NOODLES WITH PICKLES FOR ANOTHER THREE MONTHS IN OUR HOUSE . EVERY ONE IS WELCOME TO COME AND HAVE LUNCH OR DINNER OR EVEN BOTH WITH US.

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