Tuesday, 6 August 2013


                                  Yes,  it was biting cold.  It had rained a few hours ago and now there was a scent of chillness in the breeze that blew.  I  waited  at the bus stop  for my bus to arrive . The whole day had been very hectic and I was very tired by the end of the day. I badly wanted to sit in my cosy sofa with a cup of hot coffee in my hand and watch my favourite programme on tv.  Though it was not very late at  night I found the bus stop deserted.  Might be people tried to avoid  the cold  and stayed indoors.   My son would be doing his home work .  Had my husband returned ? a thought ran in my mind.  If he had not gone home he could easily pick me from the stop. I tried calling him several times  but in vain.  He was was not responding.
                                A few minutes passed by.  I tried to cover  myself with my chunni.   While I was struggling with my chunni a person came and stood near me.  He too appeared to wait for the bus.  He had completely covered himself  with sweater and scarf and hence I could not see him properly. But I was sure that he appeared to be a strong man of forty to forty five years.   He started staring at me now and then  and I started feeling uneasy. ' why is the bus still not coming?  how long am I going to wait there? Am I  safe ?'  These thoughts ran in my mind and I slowly started feeling nervous.
                                A few more minutes passed . To my joy a couple came to the stop and stood near me.  They  started chatting and I  felt a little relieved.  They were now and then  looking at me  and at the other man  but were busing whispering to each other. I thought they  were lovers who enjoying themselves with sweet nothings  and for the first time I didnot mind that. I usually did not approve of love, hated love stories, had developed a grudge against the feeling love. But I thought these two were god sent to help me in my difficulty and felt a little relaxed.  I moved a little towards them.  I removed my chunni covering my neck in order to  wear it again properly and these two people as if they had waited for that opportunity pounced on me.  The boy pulled my gold chain and the girl showed a knife at me. . She  was  also trying to grab my hand bag.  But before I could realize what had happened the other man who was standing there jumped into action. He caught hold of the boy and gave him a kick in his stomach , twisted his arm and whistled.  Immediately a police van came from nowhere  and caught hold of the couple.
    'Donot worry ma'am.  They are caught.  They have been doing this type of chain snatching from lonely passengers.for so many days.  We have been laying a plan for them.  I am a cop. I was just checking if you had enough gold on you so that these two would act and then we could nab them easily.  Our plan has worked.  Here comes your bus and  I wish you a safe journey' he said.  I quickly boarded the bus.  I can never explain my feelings at that moment---confused, relieved, or dumbfold but I can say one thing  I will never ever jump to conclusions on judging a person from now.

                                  God's gift that has showered happiness in our home and heart.

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