Monday, 18 December 2017

Dikky does a good deed

                Dikky sat sadly under the tree. He was feeling hungry. He had not eaten for two days. Dikky was a street dog and had no-one to take care of him. In the morning he tried entering a house to get some food but the owner chased him away with a stick. He even tried catching bird or animal but could not succeed.He felt weak and tired  and so drank some water from a pond and sat under a tree near the pond. Few people were sitting near the pond and enjoying themselves. Dicky thought that he would be lucky if one of them dropped some food. He could pick it up and have it. He sat watching them. Suddenly there was a big noise and some one started screaming. A lady was crying loudly. Her toddler had fallen into the pond and was drowning. Nobody there knew how to swim and so they did not know what to do. Some one rang the police and fire department.
     Dikky under stood that the child was in danger. He immediately gathered all his strength and jumped into the pond. He swam quickly towards the child , caught it with his mouth and brought him safely to the shore.  The lady hugged Dikky and patted him lovingly. Her eyes were filled with gratitude. The child's father gave Dicky biscuits and bread to eat. While returning they took Dicky along with them . Dicky atlast found a nice home to live. His timely help and fetched him a lovely home.

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