Friday, 29 July 2011


                          It was a late evening and  I was standing in front the shoe shop.  Most  of the shops there were busy with customers .  It was festive season and  money was changing hands. The very appearance of the shop made me very nervous.  It  looked rich, neat  and meant for high class people.  It was cool inside but I started to sweat.
                            ‘How can I help you  ?”asked a person with rich accent. ‘shoes ‘   I stammered. ‘This  way please’ he said courteously and took me inside. I was baffled at the variety of shoes displayed. How to choose?  Which one to choose?  These questions started ringing in my mind.  I  earnestly thought that I should have brought my friend along.  I stood quiet for a moment  , then pointed at a pair of black shoes.
                                 He looked up  and down at me and  the shoes. They looked shiningly black and pretty. But something seemed wrong.  I glanced it from all angles and started to try it. It was then I realized my mistake. I tried hard to push my feet in but in vain. They were very small for my feet. ‘ They are meant for children.’ Said the person and took them away from me .I thanked god for I could have torn them. He brought me pair of bigger ones. There were of perfect size. But I was stupid.’ Next size please’. I said.  He patiently got me  the next size. They  were huge. I  pretended them to fit. I tried to walk with them on.  Not even two steps I had taken my right shoe flew  out  and hit a customer sitting there on his knee. I felt ashamed  and thought of running away. I meekly said sorry  and stood there not knowing what to do.
                                 The sales person again came  to my rescue.  ‘would you like to have a look at another pair?’ he asked and brought me another set. ‘ Tie the laces and walk to find out if they are comfortable’ he continued.  I blindly took the shoes , tied the laces  and started walking.  ‘mamma, he is trying  to walk with shoes in hand’  commented a small boy sitting nearby.  ‘please put them on your feet and then try’ said the shop boy unable to control his laughter. I felt more stupid but could do nothing. i sat down and bent to tie the laces. God save me if I had ever seen anyone tying laces. I  did not know how to do .  I started  putting knots in laces. In the beginning  I was not successful  but after two to three times I was able to do.  I stood and started to walk. Something had gone wrong .   before I could realize I lost  my  balance and fell on a pile of shoe boxes . They in turn crashed down  like a pile of cards. The reason for all this  chaios was my tying laces of both the shoes into one knot  .
                 .I  stood gasping for breath. Everyone in the shop seemed to laugh at me. The whole world was swirling above my head .I could no longer stand it .  I took to my feet started running out .
None can imagine my plight then. I felt like creeping inside myself like a snail. But I had to get a pair of shoes  . It was a must for  I had to  attend an interview  the next day. I cursed myself for behaving stupidly.
                             I  should have come with my friend,I thought for the eleventh time.  At last I entered an other shop which had a modest appearance and asked a pair of shoes for my feet.The shop keeper showed me a pair of normal shoes.I felt satisfied and went to the counter to pay the amount .It was then,I realized that I did not bring money to buy one !!!

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  1. Post topic attracted me !
    enjoyed reading...
    Next time make sure you have some money :P