Friday, 17 February 2012



 We fear Him yet love Him, so strange is our relationship
                    He makes us tired ,weak and immovable at times
                    when he not in sight , crop up lot of crimes
                He brings -activeness at dawn, at midday-- a scorching whip
                                pleasant breeze in the evenings bright
                                though also sometimes sleepless nights

   With him Mother nature sends many needs for man to eat
                blessed is the soul lying under the branch
                 reading a book or eating from a mango bunch
  listening to the tune played far away in a voice soft and sweet
                or the noise of the kids screaming  aloud
                 as they happily play and run around

                                                       His presence makes every one aware of his power and strength
                                                                     his face glowing red, his body radiating heat
                                                                      his very entrance making one sweat
                                                      None dare to stand against him when his arms stretch at length
                                                                        hide indoors to escape his intense sight
                                                                        for all turn ash if he sees straight


But heart of heart he is sweet, without him none can live
    we long for him ,if, he not seen for a day or two!
    life is still if he sleeps long, be it for me or you
  He paves way for trips to hill resorts, for many leave
     like birds,  flock they  as his entry is told
 though  some  try to stay back and face him bold

 quenching their fear for him with juices and drinks cool,
      fruits green and fresh become an instant hit
       young or old love to have them every bit
 children wait for his arrival counting the days to escape school
     after the monster called exams squeezes them tired
     comes our hero called summer with pride


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    1. thank you Pranitha. I am indeed surprised. thank you once again

  2. Such an inspiring post...

    your newest follower and a regular regular now. Glad to have found you at Indiblogger.

  3. thank you kajal. I am also happy to come across you. lets keep exchanging views