Monday, 25 December 2017

Beauty!. Where is it?

  "I am not beautiful.  I have a flat nose, protruding teeth and popping eyes.  I am dark and short. Nobody likes me. " thought Dimple sadly. Her parents had gone to work and she was sitting alone under the shade of a big tree in front of her house. "Only if the parrot gives me her sharp beak ,I would look a little beautiful" she thought when she saw a parrot on the tree branch.
   "Dear Parrot you have got beautiful green colour body and pretty beak. Can you please lend me your beauty. I am ugly and nobody wants to play with me. I feel lonely." she asked.
     ". Sorry dear. I cannot help you. This colour and beak are given by God and I cannot give this to you. I am busy collecting fruits for my children. I have to hurry" said  Polly the parrot. "Shall I help you to collect fruits" asked Dimple. " Yes if you can. Collect some fruits and put them in my basket. "said Polly.  So Dimple helped Polly and in few minutes her basket was full and Polly flew away. Again Dimple felt lonely and sad. After a few minutes Bunny the rabbit came that way He saw Dimple and asked her the reason for her sadness. She told him about her wish and asked him if he could help him. " You look so beautiful in that snow white coat. Your ears are so pretty and the way you hop and jump is loved by all. " said Dimple.  " What you say is true but I cannot  help you. I am born naturally  like this . How can I give them to you? Sorry I have to go. I am hungry . I need to search for carrots. I cannot play with you now" Hearing this Dimple took two carrots from her lunch bag and gave them to Bunny ." Thank you":saying Bunny hopped and went.
            Oogly the  wise owl was watching this from the top of the tree. He flew down to Dimple and said "Dimple dear. You are so kind and generous . Your heart is very beautiful. You have got beautiful dimples in your cheeks. Keep smiling always and you will be the most lovable person ." Dimple smiled and thanked Oogly. Seeing her smile a  butterfly flew near Dimple and said "  you   look as beautiful as a rose. Can I be your friend and rest on your shoulders?"  Dimple felt very happy for the first time.