Wednesday, 14 March 2012


                   Every incident happening in the life of a person while bringing up children is real and fun filled. That too , if the child is the first issue of the parents. Feeding the child showing the moon, waiting for the child to stand on its legs, listening to the childs' muffled words--every thing is pleasure.   I still remember almost all the incidents that took place when my son was a toddler.  And this incident which I am going to narrate is evergreen in my memory.
                       My family is little big comprising of three sister-in-laws, one brother -in-law, and my mother-in-law.  All of us used to live under one roof when my son was born  You can now imagine the amount of attention and love he received in his childhood. One or the other used to fuss him and  it looked as if he would never learn to be disciplined. He would always play with anything visible in front of him be it books,  cassettes, sand, water, . why even spoons and pens. That day a group of people were visiting our house to have talks about my eldest sister-in-laws marriage  Every one was busy with their own work  My son was just two years old ,very active, I feared that if my son was up to any mischief before the visitors, it would spoil the whole show. So I put him to sleep hoping that he would wake up after they had gone .
                But  he woke up right when the visitors were busy working the terms. We had offered them slices of fruits in bowls along with sweets and the sight of fruits made him walk straight to them.Now, I SHOULD SAY YOU THAT HE IS MAD AFTER ANY FRUIT  , AND HE LIKES TO HAVE ANY FRUIT AT ANY TIME OF THE DAY EVEN FOR TODAY.  So with sleepy eyes he went near the centre table where the fruits were placed. This one had wooden strips in the bottom rack to place newspapers, and my son with the intention of grabbing the fruits bowl tried to stand holding the table . In this process he thrust his legs in the gap between the wooden bars. Before we could guess what would happen his leg was caught there firmly hurting his ankle and he started crying. My husband is known to take decisions too fast be it for good or bad.  He immediately got a hammer from his tool box and broke the rods  of the table within seconds and relieving the child foot from it.
         The centre table still lies in my house in the same condition with broken rods  even for today . And my son still fond of fruits likes to have them everyday.  He likes to have jams, juices, or fruit salads if fruits are not there for that day.  Days, months, why even years have flown since this had happened  but this remains fresh in my memory.

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