Sunday, 20 May 2012


                       Unfortunately in the recent years we are forced to visit doctors frequently. the reason maybe the deteriorating quality of food grains, the unhealthy eating habits, the unusual sleeping schedules, or the never ending desire to earn more and more.. Whatever it may be we land up at a clinic atleast once in a four to six months gap. 
                       The scene here is so pathetic that  you come out from here totally frustrated   Long queues, quarrels to who should enter the doctors room  first, the smell of medicines and diseases, the numerous tests to be done, the moaning patients, the groaning sisters, the anxious relatives........... A scene which will melt the hardest of the hard heart.
                        If you have gone for a small problem, you will  think 'Why wait here so long?  the problem will subside in its due course'   If you have gone for a really serious problem  you will think 'how many more times should I visit  for  the problem  to subside?  Both the cases you may not come out of the clinic fully satisfied. Blessed is our previous generations for they were exposed to less diseases,  less clinics , less medicines and so lived a long life. 
              Hope history quickly and we enter the good old age again.


  1. Very true..Its very irritating to have a doctor's visit now a days..Nice post..:-)