Friday, 16 November 2012


                                   Today right from the moment I woke I am feeling uneasy. I feel I am missing something. The cheerful faces of the innocent children, the true wishes of my colleagues,  my superiors blessing,  the singing of birthday song by all.... and much more.  Yes ..I used to work as a teacher in a reputed school. It was not only a school  but a true temple of knowledge where not only students but also teachers  learn something new everyday.  Our director one of the finest soul ever on earth, ever ready to help the needy.  I have infact learnt a lot from him. Most us rarely think about the school we studied  or the teachers there but the students of the school where I worked will never forget the school or the director. He  is such a inspiring personality, a role model to all, a big brother to all who work there.
            Such people are really needed to mould the children in the right path. Today as I am far away from the school, I am unable to go to the school and meet the children or the Director Sir and I feel uneasy.  But still I know for sure that Sir and the senior staff will remember and bless me today ........  my birth day.

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