Friday, 23 January 2015


                                            A group of children were playing in the park.  I walked slowly and reached the bench I usually sat. I settled down  and started eating the handful of peanuts I  had got from home.  A boy kicked a ball and it came near me. I caught the ball and threw it back to him. A few girls were enjoying the swings.  A  young mother was teaching her kid how to swim in the small pool  lying to the north of the fountain. A group of college students were laughing, playing jokes and having fun. The gardener was  watering the plants.

                                                                                                   But I felt sad ----reason.  This was the scene a few years ago.   But now children are busy with video games, youth with laptops and mobiles,  women with their daily serials. Now the gardener comes only once in a day, The flowers do not bloom for the lack of water,  the swings are rusted,  and the wild grass growing every where
                I am still siting with peanuts in my hands waiting for history to repeat. Can anyone tell when it will take place.

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