Wednesday, 18 February 2015




             We have heard of the saying that pen is mightier than a sword . If we stop a moment and think we will realise that there is a weapon which is more powerful than the sword or the pen or even the tongue. Yes... it is the tears. And you might be surprised to see that small children use this more often to fulfill their wishes. Next to small children  , are women who hold this weapon in their hands to control their spouses or get their demands done.  The purpose of god giving tears was to clean and protect our eyes but most they are used by many for all the wrong reasons.
                    Whatever it might be , never become the reason for someone to shed tears. For if a person sheds tears  in sorrow because of you it might turn into curse and start seeing your ruin. wailing tears out of sorrow are dangerous and so never attempt to harm any living being and bring tears in them for we are ones who suffer out of it

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