Friday, 3 April 2015


                   Happiness  is something to do with the inner satisfaction of heart and soul and not merely the outward enjoyment.  You may not be really happy just because your spouse gave you a special gift or some one admired your beauty. It deals with the fulfillment of the energy of the soul in the positive direction. Sometimes even small incidents may lift our spirits and make us happy in the real sense. There are certain things that make really happy.
                    I enjoy with utmost happiness when my son sings  certain songs. These songs remind me of my past days when I worked.
                    Similarly when my extended family meets for a function there is joy and enjoyment in the whole house, and I really like it.
                     At times  merely lying on the bed and reading my favorite novel [ it might be a twentieth time even then]  it gives me pleasure.
                     More than getting admission, the day when my daughter's professors said that she was the best student I felt very happy. My happiness knew on bounds when I saw her performance and when she got the university  gold medal.
                       Similarly when my son got his first gold medal in the international open chess tournament I felt extremely happy.
       Surely happiness is achieved not merely by our own effort but by combined effort of our family members, friends, neighbours and sometimes even by strangers with their good deeds. Moreover we should always try to make others happy  for we feel happy in a joyful, peaceful and lovely atmosphere.

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