Tuesday, 19 May 2015


                   I still remember the first day I had to recite a poem in my school. My teacher had selected me for the recitation competition representing my class  I was neither a brilliant child nor an active child but her decision to allow me to participate in the competition  helped me to know much more about my mother.  She took the competition very seriously and in fact wrote a small poem in simple language . she helped me in the pronunciation of words, expression modulation of tone and voice untiringly Though I was nervous in the beginning,  my mummy voice of encouraging words lingered in my mind and gave me the necessary support. Whether I won a prize or not is secondary matter but the fact that it boosted my courage and paved way for my further competitions and victories. I owe a great deal for all the good that has happened to me. Now that she is little old with gone teeth and silver hair does not in any way reduce the love for her in me. In fact I ask her to color her hair with Godrej Expert Rich Crème  so that she would still look young and my children respect her and get inspired by her http://godrejexpert.com/single_used_pack.php

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