Thursday, 14 May 2015


                                  My eyes were filled with tears after the results were announced. I knew I couldnot make to the finals. Had all the practice that I had done gone waste? My heart ached and my mind was filled with pain. My mother who had accompanied me to the venue knew that no words spoken could console me. She knew the pains I had taken while practicing  and after so much of practice  the pain Ifelt for not getting the prize. It was a reality show in the small screen conducting singing competitions for the youngsters. Only if I had won a prize I would have been recognized by every common man. Now my chance of earning name and fame had disappeared in thin air I felt helpless
' ok lets make a move . I  have to stop for a while returning home ' my mom told me while getting into the car. .  I kept silent not because I didnot like it but because nothing was entering my brain It was swirling completely around the results ,my failure.... There was silence throughout the journey and suddenly the car stopped in front of a building.
               Before I could realise what was happening  a small child came near  and garlanded me. Many children were standing on both sides of the path and showering petals and flowers on me.A voice was welcoming me to the stage. I was baffled and seing my confusion my mom said. ' this is orphanage home. and I have agreed for a musical show conducted by the  Godrej Expert Rich Crèmefor charity purpose with you as the main singer.  Now donot think of what has happened but think of what has to happen. make this day a memorable day for this ungifted children  with your sweet voice, and inspiring songs  The smiling faces of the orphans and glittering eyes with hope lifted my
spirit and the rest of the night I was singing and dancing with joy.
 I understood my mom could turn even a bitter failure into success.
                                            MOM YOU ARE THE BEST.

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