Friday, 20 November 2015


                                                                     A PEACEFUL LIFE
              I always hated noise. Even my children were afraid  to make noise when I was at home. Being allergic to busy city life and noises there I constructed a house far away from the madding crowd some 20 kilometers away from the heart of the city.There was greenery surrounding my house, I loved the fresh air and peaceful atmosphere there. Going for long walks, raising different types of plants,  enjoying and praising nature become my daily routines till one day I found that another person was constructing a house next to mine.  Though at first I was disappointed that my purpose of building the house was lost, my wife was happy that she got a neighbor to chat.Then started my headches slowly as the house started to take shape. The workers continuously shouting to each other, the sounding horns and wheels of the trucks bringing sand and cement. the sound of the iron rods being cut--all started troubling my nerves. Slowly the work was completed and the neighbors started living in the house.    

                                  After a few days I came to know that my neighbour was a big industrialist and had people pouring in his house all the time. One such dealer was a real estate  dealer  who fixed his eyes upon the open lands there. Now you can imagine what happens. Slowly the empty plots were filled with stone, sand and cement and within the blink of a eyelid , huge structures came into existence.  Apartments of five stores became a common feature. Suddenly the whole place seemed to be filled with cars, two wheeler s, autos plying all the time beeping to their he artful and  irritating my ear. A school, a clinic, a shopping mall, an automobile workshop, all seemed to appear in no time robbing my peaceful life. There were houses with their pets barking all the time, houses with youth listeneing to loud music, cabs moving and disturbing the silent night.
                                     Thus I was robbed of living a peaceful life. But the owner of the land there praises me  saying that I WAS A LUCKY PERSON FOR HIM  as he had earned a huge fortune selling those bits of land. Now I am nurturing an idea of the houses here and moving to a still far away place  to recover my peaceful life.!!!

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