Monday, 14 December 2015


Do you know that our mind behaves like a monkey---always jumping from one place to other, copying others and creating confusion where ever it is.
                 I was determined not to open my mouth on any account. Suddenly I realized that my mouth was my first enemy . I have come across incidents were the solution would have been got more easily and quickly had I not interfered.  Sometimes I have seen problems getting aggravated because of my arguing. I am quite sure that I had been on the right side always in an argument but it didnot fetch me anything. It is rightly said that 'you win an argument but lose a friend'.  And so decided not open my mouth today how much temping it might be. Have you started wondering where I am and why I want to maintain silent? Then let me explain it to you.
                I was sitting in the office room of my colony to attend a meeting.  I was holding the position of a member of the action committee and I held the responsibility of getting the important works done along with four others.  Now the problem we had to sort out  was regarding the dumping of the garbage in the open plot of our colony. This situated at the end of lane 3 of our colony and the owner was some where abroad.  It had been vacant from the day the colony came into existence and the neighboring houses had been dumping their wastes in that place for a long time.  Recently it was noticed that municipal garbage van coming to that colony was also doing the same.   This led to foul smell emerging from that place and the residents nearby faced a terrible problem. More over it had become a breeding place for rodents and mosquitoes.
               The president started the meeting and asked for some ideas. I once again remained my mind not to open its mouth. One of the committee member suggested that we should provide big dustbins at every corner so that people came dump their garbage in it.  But another argued that people used to throwing in open lands will not use the bins.  Another member suggested that the open land be cleaned and converted into park so that children can use it.  But many doubted if that would work as the open plot was not in the center of the colony and also it did not have enough place for placing children playing equipment.  Moreover if the owner returned and demanded for his land it had to be returned. So the discussion moved on but did not come to a proper decision . It was then the monkey in mind returned.
     'Why can't we arrange for a shed and place a God's idol there after cleaning  so that nobody would dare to throw garbage there. The owner would also be thrilled to have GOD residing in his plot I said and continued As it is we donot have any temples in our colony and it would be welcomed by both the women and old people.'   There was total silence for a minute after my suggestion but a second later everyone started talking leading to utter confusion. Each one started suggesting his favorite God's idol leading to differences in opinions. Also there were few asking for the construction of a  hall to conduct yoga or meditation classes. Some welcomed that idea saying that the hall could be a boon  for small parties. It could generate revenue for the college funds whereas temple could fetch only a meager amount. Slowly the arguments heated up with members spitting into two groups one supporting the construction of temple and the other the the community hall.    The original problem of stopping the people from throwing the garbage into open land was completely forgotten and the discussion changed its route completely. Time elapsed quickly but no result was achieved fruitfully. At last it was time for the meeting to wind up but we couldnot come to a final decision--Thanks to monkey in my mind.

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