Thursday, 28 April 2016

Balcony friends

              Meera went to the balcony to remove the dried clothes from the hangline.  Her eyes automatically searched the balcony of the adjoining building.   For the second day  Sundaram sir was not to be seen anywhere in the house. She waited for few seconds but in vain. What has happened to sir?  Has he gone anywhere? But he doesn't have anyone to meet.". different thoughts ran in her mind.  She knew that  he was a lonely man with no one to look after.  He had a daughter whom he had given in marriage to  a NRI  and she lives in US. After his wife's death he was living alone in that flat. His balcony faced the balcony of Meera's house and whenever Meera came to feed the birds or dry clothes,she used to see him sitting there in the balcony reading books. A huge branch of a big neem tree ran into his balcony  it give a wonderful picture.   A female dog was always seen lying in the shade of the tree. Sundaram Sir used to feed the dog with bread or biscuits regularly. As. Meera was also a animal lover she was fascinated with the kindness of. Sundaram Sir.  Once or twice she smiled at him and he replied the same gesture.
                               One fine day she made some kheer and sent it to him through her son .  He thanked her for her kindness and requested her to spend some time with him. Their friendship grew from then and Meera started treating Sundaram Sir as her father .  She  helped him in his daily chores and a strong bond developed between them .  Now he was not to be seen for the past two days This very thought disturbed her.  The sound of the calling bell brought her back to the present world.  She opened the door and saw a lady standing there. "Can I talk to Meera madam ". "Yes I am Meera May I know who you are". she asked. I am Vimla. Sundaram Sirs daughter. I have come from. U. S   I wanted to take my father along with me to states but he is refusing.  He says he has found a daughter here called Meera . He seems to be happy staying here instead of coming with me.. I hope you appreciate his feelings and do not think him as burden. "   Not at all. I am happy to look after him .   You can leave to US  happily" Meera replied.
                          Days became weeks and then  into months and everything looked fine till one day. Sundaram Sir fell ill.  Meera took him to different doctors but there was little improvement.  His health started deteriorating and one night he died.  Meera cried a lot   She passed this message to. Vimla     Every time she came to the balcony   she was reminded of him . A few weeks passed by.  "Meera be quick  we are already late. The show will start." Called  Raju. Meera's husband. He had planned for a movie to change. Meera's mood. "    I am ready I will close  the balcony door and come " so saying she went to close the door. As she closing the door her  eyes saw a beautiful scene.  A newly born puppy was lying on the easy chair where   Sundaram Sir used to sit.  A book was lying beside it.  Meera told to herself " Uncle is reborn"

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