Sunday, 19 March 2017


                                   Sitting in the balcony with my favorite drink,  I began to make sketch of my future  moves. I knew that tomorrow as sun rises I had to face a lot of problems. My son had been asking for school fees for the past two days. I had to pay the hospital charges and bring my mother home. In addition to this my brother has been requesting me  for a considerable amount for his job.  The worst thing I did not have a penny in my pocket.  "So what have you decided?" asked my wife as she sat in front of me sipping her cup of coffee.  " Yet to decide.  Not thought of any plans . what do you suggest.? " I said nonchalantly .  My wife was very good at planning  and she always had  realistic ideas. "I can convince people in tomorrow's kitty party and arrange for Chandu's fees. Rest you have to think. " She said confidently. " Bringing home mother is important.  I have to pay atleast a few thousands to get her discharged. '' I know but you can always apply for a mediclaim. you have got that facility.''   '' I know but I thought I will use the mediclaim for Radhe's eye surgery. She needs her sight to be corrected before going for higher studies.''  ''But that can always wait. She can manage with her glasses for another year.  you should try to convince her.'' my wife Vidhya  said.
   '' Why don't you ask your elder sister for some help. They are in a well to do position. They can always come to our rescue.'' 
   '' But that will make them think that I am inefficient in managing my family.'' I replied going through  my son Chandu's note book avoiding her looks . She knew that I never liked getting help from relatives for any purpose. 
    Ok your wish. give that book I have to keep it in Chandu's bag or else he will forget to take it to school tomorrow. ''she said . As I was handing the book , a peacock feather fell down.
   '' why does he collect such useless things ?  I asked irritated..
   ''What is wrong in it ?  Even I used to have it in my maths notebook when I was small..  I strongly believe that I passed my maths exams because of having it in my notebooks.  Seeing it often brings good luck.'' Vidhya replied. 
   ''You too believe in superstitions. I  said disbelievingly.
   '' Faith and belief always works wonders .  you know one thing.   The same peacock feather is considered a bad omen in Europe. But in our country Lord Krishna wears it on his crown . So people believe that it will bring good luck. Keep it with you and might be it proves lucky.'' suggested my wife.. ''I donot believe in superstitions''I replied. She went into the house to complete her work ignoring my comments.
    I kept quiet for I knew that sometimes a deed which benefits some may become harmful for other.  Every  deed has two faces like the two sides of a coin. After a few seconds a small desire crept into my mind. Might be it is really lucky. why not give it a try?  I took the fallen peacock feather  and placed it in my office bag hoping it will pull me out from my troubles.  The next moment I laughed at myself wondering what a big fool I am.
      The night passed peacefully The next day started brightly with my mother coming home happily from hospital cured completely. I need not had to pay her hospital charges as she was widow of a freedom fighter and that particular day the hospital announced free treatment for spouses of freedom fighters.  My son Chandu got a merit scholarship  and my brother bagged a decent job in sports quota. He was a good sprinter it helped him to get a job in railways. My worries had melted like ice instead of mounting to ice mountains.  '' See you believed in what I told  and your problems are solved ''my wife said to me that night while going to sleep
''Was it because of keeping peacock feather in my bag or because good times have started for me. Might be --- peacock feathers are really lucky but I am not going to believe in it.  You know why? For believing and spreading such a superstition may lead to death of many peacocks for their feathers.  Long live peacocks!!!''I said.
''  My dear foolish husband   peacocks are never killed for their feathers because they  shed their feathers annually after breeding season.  These feathers are collected and used. they represent purity of soul, good luck and are also loved for their beauty. So you need not worry about their deaths.''my wife said lovingly. I looked sheepishly.  I knew I was beaten She indeed was more informative than me. but I wanted to say the last word. so I said.  ''why should I go for those feathers when I have you a pure soul --  very beautiful--one who brings good luck to me always . You are my peacock feather dear.

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