Thursday, 20 July 2017


                       Minnu's eyes were filled with tears. The results of the elocution was just then announced and her  name was missing. She had worked day and night for the competition and hoped to win a prize but to her bad luck she did not get even the consolation prize.
'' Don't worry dear. You had done your best. Might be they deserve it more than you. you can always try again ."Mother tried to comfort her.
 "But mummy . I deserve my fruits for the pains I had taken" said Minnu with teary eyes.
"Sure . But might be you  may have to wait a little longer. "Minnu looked definitely upset. She didnot feel like eating her lunch that day. Her father had got her a  new story book as a gift, her grand mother gave her a pretty sweater,knitted by her, her mother made her a delicious cake for her . But she was not happy. She was continuously  thinking of the defeat in the elocution the whole day and went to bed sadly.
''  Minnu  .... Minnu ...some one has come to see you. '' Minnu's  brother Bittu called her from the garden while she was getting ready to school.  Minnu uninterested went out to see who it was.  It was Chacha the school gardener. He had a  rose plant in his hand.
 '' Minnu your speech was very effective. you spoke very well on respecting and listening to parents. My son  never used to listen to me and always fought with  me. His mother was also always upset with him. In fact he wanted to send us to aged home. But yesterday after hearing your speech in our school he has changed . The way you spoke about parents sacrifices in bringing up the children has really melted him. Thank you.Minnu. Here is a small gift for your lovely speech. '' saying so he gave the rose plant to her. Minnu's eyes were filed with tears . Mamma I got my prize atlast. '' happily she ran to her mother.


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