Wednesday, 19 April 2017

                    Teen age ---  thirteen  to nineteen years of a child --- is a delicate period where a person  undergoes  both psychological and  physical changes.  His mind constantly gets attracted to new things, new people,  and new emotions. one such feeling he starts developing is --love.  He is neither an  adult or a child . He does like to be commanded or questioned,. If not dealt properly he may become a failure in his life. Parents and teachers should always keep in mind that thechildren in this age group should be dealt with utmost care.
                     Mr Raju hesitated for a second in front of the principal's room. He did not want to take any hasty decision. He knew that Vipul was a very good  student.  He stood first both in studies and activity everytime since he joined the school but now due to distraction he was going down slowly. Mr Raju had been trying to find the reason for a while and today he came to know about it. Vipul was attracted towards a newcomer in his class--- Sandhya   and unable to resist the liking for her he had given her a love letter.  His class teacher Miss Madhuri took this seriously and canned him in front the class. The children started whispering among themselves and avoiding him .  This made Vipul  ashamed, upset and sad and he did not feel like concentrating in anything.  Being a ninth class student he was neither kid nor adult  and could not digest the happenings.  Mr Raju ----though he was not the class teacher ---he liked Vipul very much and wanted to help him out.  He knew their principal Mr Yogi  was a child centered person and he would definitely come out with a solution .
                    He entered Mr Yogi's cabin and discussed in detail. Mr yogi thought for a while and decided what to do . Along with Mr Raju he called few other teachers in the staffroom. Among them were Mrs Anita, Mrs Meera, Ms Sharan , Mr Siddarth, Mr Dev .When he entered Vipul class Miss Madhavi was teaching  geomentry to the students and for a moment she felt little nervous seeing the principal. He started talking to the children  in general ,  cracked a few jokes and slowly came to the topic. He asked all the children to take out their rough note books . He went to the board and wrote
  '' I love geometry.
  '' I love to watch sun rise.
  '' I love  roses.
   ''I love India.
  '' I love to watch cricket
  He asked every one to write five sentences similarly.
               Next he wrote 'I love my parents.''
                                       '' I love my sister.''
                                        '' I love my students.''
                                         '' I love Mrs Meera.''
                                         '' I love  Mr Siddarth.''
and asked children to write similarly. He then asked  a few of them to read what they have written. He then started addressing the students.  '' Look children .Love is not a bad word. It  is indeed needed for healthy living.  This world looks beautiful when you see it with love. You can do wonders if you fill love in your heart. Without love everything is empty. Think of Mother Theresa, Gautam Buddha or Gandhi. They loved every body--good or bad, rich or poor, man or woman.  That is why they are remembered and praised  by everyone. you all should also live similarly. Shake hands with each and every one in your class and say I LOVE YOU. to each other and from now  think the word love is a  word  which expresses universal brotherhood.''
                  The children shoke hands with each other and Vipul felt happy that every one shoke hands with him and said I love you.  Mr Raju was happy that principal sir had  solved the problem in a smooth way. 

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