Tuesday, 10 January 2012


One fine morning a butterfly was born
    from it's nest it had wriggled and torn
 it's feathers red with tiny white spots
    long antennas and eyes sparking a lot
 it flew in air making rounds and rings
    very, very  proud of its beautiful wings

the sun bright and the breeze pleasant
     the flowers nodding happily its ascent
ready to give their sweet nectar and honey
      in return they never ask money
nature always humble and polite to all
       whether rich, poor , big or small.

but this cute butterfly proud to the core
      thought little of  the danger and its beauty more
flew near a park where children played
      fluttering its wings in pride it swayed
 Alas a boy caught it in delight
        now think off the butterfly's plight

  pride comes before a fall
       to be humble is good for all
to scale the heights of success wall
        hard work and simplicity the needed ladders, after all
the more you bend  the more we stand tall
         we  should keep it in mind above all

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