Tuesday, 10 January 2012


                   Raj was eagerly waiting for the evening to come,  for Prema's  father was giving a party to announce Raj as his son-in law. Though not many were attending the party and it was meant for a intimate few friends, Raj was extremely happy  that his plan was working out.  He infact wanted a very few who did not trouble to attend. He was worried  that all his plans would fail if too many came. He had proposed to Prema recently only for the wealth behind her. Not that she was not good to look but he had met more beautiful women in his life.  He had a fluctuating mind and was never satisfied with what he had. Till recently he had dated Aruna , his collegue and  friend for four years.  But what happened to their  affair , God only knows , one fine day  he called it over. She tried to contact him and ,reach a solution but in vain. She was deeply hurt  but after coming to know about his flimsy  mind she was happy that she was saved .
               He dressed perfectly for the party, got a big bouquet for Prema ,  had a small drink and started for his inlaws house. He was sure that his life would change with this marriage. A wealthy man 's  only daughter---both beautiful and clever was going to marry him. He had tried hard to make her fall for him and even more harder to keep his  previous affairs  secret. His only thought  now was to quickly get married  and become inheritant to her property. 
                  When \Raj reached Prema's house , he found it beautifully decorated  and swing with activity. He was cordially invited inside and taken to the big hall  where the party was to begin.  He was made to sit  and offered a drink. 'Uncle where is Prema?' he asked with honey buttered voice.Before his to be uncle answered, Prema entered looking gorgeous. She looked like a angel from heaven  showering all good things on him. The music played there was rocking. the lights pleasant to the eye and  relatives and friends busy entertaining each other.  Raj had something to eat, again a peg and then started becoming impatient. His uncle was busy entertaining his guests. He found no trace of his uncle introducing him to the guests as his son-in law. He called Prema and asked about this. She smiled beautifully and said 'my dad is waiting for the most important people to come.please have patient.'SO Raj had no other go but wait.
                  After an other fifteen minutes  had passed two cops entered and approached him. 'sorry to disappoint you.  we are here  to arrest you'
  'but why?' Raj was completely confused.  'because  we have got complaints from  women that you  cheated them  in the name of love and marriage.' but '....'who has given complaint against me'Raj stammered. 'WE'  came voices from all sides.  Out came the three ladies Geetha, Radha and Aruna  from the three different rooms.  They were his  ex lovers whom Raj had cheated in the previous affairs. 'but  uncle this is your prestige issue . you willnot like your son in law to be hand cuffed. you have to do something.'Raj turned towards his would be father-in-law and  shouted in anger. 'Yes I have done something. I have  only called the cops . I will not sit  quietly and watch my daughter's life fall in wicked  hands.  The day my daughter told about you I started enquiring about you  I came to know about your character . I could have got you arrested you long back. but it was my daughter who had this plan.  she didnot want any other woman to get cheated by you after she quit.'  Prema came forward and sarcastically,''cops take him into custody.''  Now she didnot look like an angel but like goddess Durga who punishes wrong doers.  Raj understood that his life had indeed changed that evening. He had not got wife or wealth but  only punishment and prison. That evening had indeed put him on fire not the one which gave energy or escatsy but the one which enlightned him . Hope he comes out  of the prison as a changed man  just like gold comes out pure after taken out from fire.

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