Thursday, 5 January 2012


every day as i sit with my cup of coffee and  newspaper early in the morning, my wife starts her routine nagging. 'why don't you  go for a morning walk or a jog?  see your waistline is expanding. you might land with problems in near future. you should go to a . '.......this speech goes uninterrupted till i complete my coffee and newspaper and enter the washroom to have a bath.  but today i decided to give her speech a thought.
                      so i started early from my office to visit a weight reducing center. at first i had difficulty in selecting the center as there were many growing like mushrooms.offering different types of discounts and offers.. but with the help of my friend i  zeroed a center  and reached there. i developed a uneasy feeling--- but not sure whether it was in stomach or heart --- as i climbed the steps.  i even thought of returning.  but my wife's nag, i think, pushed me forward.

                     the receptionist  there behind the desk, i suppose, did not have faith in the clinic for she was too fat to describe. she registered my name phone number, address and showed  me another room. the moment i entered the room i was surrounded by a couple of people who made me sit .they immediately started their preliminaries. one started checking my BP while the other checked my eyes, nails  and weight . another lady give me a paper which looked like a questionare.  i had to answer a lot of  questions. i am sure that i didnot such a test  even during my job interwiews. it was about my food habits, sleep habits , hereditary.... after i completed it , i was given a glass full of  liquid which was dark brown in colour and not to mention its taste. i hestitated to have it  in the beginning but after a long discussion with the lady there i decided to drink. but before having it  i wanted to be sure that i would not feel dizzy and reach home safely. to ring up to my wife my prestige prevented and so i rang my friend and made sure that he would pick me up if i didnot contact him within half an hour. but nothing happened  in the next half an hour and i was sitting safely waiting for my next instruction. then a lady came and asked me to pay a hefty  four digit amount at the counter and collect my medicine . thank  god it was my salary day  and so i had that amount in my pocket or otherwise  i couldn't have pulled such a big amount . they gave two small packets in return for the four digit big amount  and asked me to take a spoon of the both with water early in the morning and visit them after a fortnight.
                     as i stepped out of the slimming center  i felt my heart heavy instead of my body. the whole month's budget was disturbed . all the people--milkman, groceries,electricity bill, rent ,children fees,money for my mother's medicine --all issues seemed to dance before me madly.  i am not sure if these medicines are going to make me slim but  my wife making me help her in the daily chores walking down to my workplace instead of using my two wheeler will certainly. What an evening to rob me off from my cup of coffee, newspaper and happiness!

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