Monday, 9 January 2012


  Anna Hazare--some say he is another Gandhi. But why should he alone fight against corruption when most of us go on doing our work without even stopping to think about him for a few seconds .Is it not every one's responsibility to strive for a cleaner state? What does he gain by refusing to eat or drink, except spoil his health? If these questions come in your mind , then you should try to revive your knowledge in history. He is trying to do what Gandhi did during freedom struggle.  ACHIEVING  YOUR GOAL THROUGH AHIMSA. Only difference is that Gandhi was lucky enough to have true followers  and corruption was also not that strongly rooted those days. But now most of us say YES to  Anna's words but do not show them in action. Yes we all  want to drive away corruption but donot hesitate to bribe sometimes to get our works done. This bribing starts from home with a small amount.  we give our children money or in other  name---TIP  to get us some groceries or pay bills or be it anything. this habit continues when he grows big and expects to being paid for all that is being done by him . in fact he even forgets to do some charity work. Who is to be blamed?  Is it not us, elders who should take responsibility?  It is very difficult to change the present generation We should see that atleast the next generation is free from corruption. We cannot change the whole nation in one go. But we can certainly succeed if we work out things in right direction with the future generation


  1. As long as one does not Retrospect self, nothing can be changed.

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