Sunday, 8 January 2012


                    As I stepped out of my office  I  decided to make the evening the memorable one. indeed it was to be the most important day in my life.I was going to meet  for the first time  the person whom I intended to make my life partner . the interesting part of it was that I have not seen her till now. I met her through facebook and learned a lot of details about her. she lives in a different city with her parents. she is pure vegetarian, loves dogs, knows music and soft spoken.she was going to vizag to attend her cousin's marriage. she requested me to meet her at the railway station as the train would stop there for half an hour. her parents were also travelling with her and she said that she would introduce me to them. I was very excited about meeting her and from the morning  I could hardly concentrate on anything.
                  I had already gone a kilometer  from my house towards the station when my cell rang. To my horror it displayed my project manager's number and my mind got blocked for a second. I lifted it and my manager's voice , rather harsh and blunt asked me about the papers needed for the next day's meeting.I said that I had them safely in my desk in the office. he said with a sarcastic laugh ' how will I prepare for tomorrow if you have them safely with you.  see that they reach me soon.'  my exited feelings  for the evening burst like bubbles.I thought for a second  returned home, took my office desk keys, and went to my college's house who lived near me. After buttering  him for few minutes ,I requested him to the papers to the boss residency and deliver them. my boss lived far away and  didnot have that much time to go personally. I think my stars were in my favour for he agreed.I sighed a sign of relief and started again to the station but not before switching off my cellphone. I did not want any third person to waste my time anymore. Though I did not have ample time ,it was enough for me to buy a present for her and reach the station. I reached the book stall quickly selected the book ' NOTHING COMES FREELY' by K S RAO . She was a regular follower of this author and  liked his writings.  I was pleased with my selection and started  my vehicle.
                       I had not even gone a few yards  when a buffalo came from somewhere and hit my vehicle  so strongly that my handle bar was  disturbed . I fell down and  hurt my leg. my pant was torn a little bit and my vehicle refused to start. iI cursed my stars now and tried to see what the problem  was. though i tried for ten minutes it was in vain.  time was running out. I was bitterly disappointed, badly needed help. Again the stars came to my rescue and sent help.  a boy or man--I cannot describe now came that way. seeing my plight he offered help.this is the greatness of our INDIANS. If we see anyone  be it familiar or stranger we are ready to help.  It did not take more than few minutes from him to set it right. I thanked him whole heartedly and again started but now I was not exited as before  rather reluctant. my pant was not in decent condition and hands and legs were both aching. I badly wanted to go home and take rest  but her eyes looking out for me in the station made me proceed.
                           Slowly limping with pain I reached the station  I noticed that  the time then almost over. the train may leave the station any time . I neither knew the compartment number nor the berth number. So I took the cell  from my pocket and  switched  it on so that I could ring up her to  find them. As soon as I switched it  I immediately  received a message It was from her. It read' why are you not lifting the phone dear?  We are  held up here some four hundred kilometers from the city by some protesters demanding a separate state. It might be midnight by the time we reach station. So please donot wait for me. we shall meet during our return journey. see you soon . sorry for the disappointment dear.'  NOW I JUST CANNOT EXPLAIN MY FEELINGS THIS EVENING. Is it sad or hurting  or disappointed evening? but surely it could not be forgotten .  now I felt the pain back in my limbs.  I needed to eat something. I entered the kfc stall there to have something. Hope it will atleast bring back the lost energy in me. I  completely understood that fate plays an important role in anyone's life.

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